The exhaustion of soil constitutes an ever-increasing problem in agriculture, which is most commonly compensated by the use of organic or chemical fertilisers. Nevertheless, this practice is not efficient economicall as a large part of the applied nutrients will not be utilized.

HUMUSZOL and HUMINPOWER G are two special products which maximize the absorption of the applied nutrients and of the nutrients already in the soil. Their most important ingredients are the humic acids – natural complex chelating agents capable of enclosing more than 70 minerals, for example calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron, which are indispensable for the proper life cycle of plants.

Benefiting from the power of humic acids, the HUMINPOWER product line can help the absorption of nutrients which can be found in the soil but which are not accessible to plants, therefore yielding better crop results, boosting the resistance of plants, substituting the missing nutrients, and with these, possibly eliminating the deficiency diseases.

The presence of nutrients in itself is not sufficient. They need to be accessible to the plants and utilized to the greatest possible extent.
This is what the humin power product line can be useful for.


The HUMINPOWER product line can be appied in all field and gardening cultures.

In order to improve soil condition, it needs to be scattered on the surface and worked into the soil before seeding and planting. It can further be used to enhance soil life, to make the absorption of nutrients more efficient, to reduce stress, to enhance the water holding capacity of sandy soils, to make the hard ground more porous and therefore yielding better crop results.

The product can be efficiently used for plant production in field and gardening cultures, for planting and cultivating fruit trees and vines, for the growing of seedlings, for greenhouse cultivation, for planting and cultivating lawn, for forestration and for the improvement of degraded and infertile soil.

The product can be used with soil mixtures, with different growing mediums and with different chemical fertilisers at the same time.


  • up to 50 % better crop results
  • reduction of unmarketable crop
  • higher content value
  • more marketable product of higher quality
  • stronger structure
  • enhanced resistance
  • handling of deficiency diseases
  • natural ingredients
  • soil structure enhancing effect
  • substitution of missing nutrients

  • shorter regeneration time
  • no withdrawal period
  • appliance on organinc farms