About us

The history of Fertechnik Ltd.: It was founded in 1990. It is a constantly evolving family business with huge professional history. The main activity of the company is metal structure producing. Its owners are 100% private Hungarian individuals, Mrs. Imréné Ferency and Mr. Imre Ferenczy They have started their careers in 1974 as metalworking artisans. Their factory has been constantly developed. At first, the neighbourhood of Gödöllő was served, later they have been known throughout the country. Nowadays, they produce mainly to international market as a partner of several multinational companies (LEAR Hungary Ltd., SONY Hungaria Ltd., GE and Je-Vill Ltd.).

They have decided on producing of humic acid-containing products in 2013. Researches and licensing procedures were taken place for a few years. Today, they produce licensed HUMIN POWER G and HUMUSZOL products.

From the beginning the most important requirement to keep the high quality standards in their business policy. Defective products cannot be allowed to leave the factory. The other priorities of their business policy are the precision and reliability. The orders are always performed exactly in deadline and in required quality. They try to maximally satisfy the needs of their clients. These principles are kept in mind during the production and distribution of the new humic acid-containing products.